Pending Planning Projects

The information for pending projects includes a brief description, date filed, and status. Some projects include images/plans and other related documents for information only. If you have questions related to the proposed project, please give Jeannie Hamilton, City Planner, a call at (408) 354-7635.  To access the Site and Architectural Commission agenda, please click this link

18240 Daves Avenue SU-10-01, SS-20-05, V-20-01

The proposed project is a Site Development Permit, Special Use Permit, and Variance request, which includes a first and second floor addition to an existing historic single-family residence. The variance is to the side setback at both the first and second floor. The proposal includes a net increase of 896 square feet on the first floor and 919 square feet on the second floor. Of the proposed square footage additions, 239 square feet encroaches into the 15-foot first floor side setback and 189 square feet into the second floor 20-foot side setback. This project is a re-submittal of a previous request with modifications to the prior proposal.

Date Filed: July 27, 2020

Status: Tentative Hearing Dates:  Site and Architectural Commission, October 7, 2020

                                                      City Council, October 20, 2020

Applicant Presentation 18240 Daves Avenue

Project Plans 18240 Daves Avenue

Line of Site Renderings 18240 Daves Avenue

Revised Floor Plans (September 16, 2020)

18061 Saratoga-Los Gatos Road TM-20-01

The proposed project is a Tentative Parcel Map for the subdivision of a 25,444 square foot lot into two (2) lots.  The proposal include a front lot with approximately 77 feet of frontage along Saratoga Los Gatos Road, measuring approximately 9,547 square feet, and a second lot to the rear with a 20 foot wide driveway corridor along Saratoga-Los Gatos Road to a rear parcel, measuring approximately 15,897 square feet (3,010 square feet dedicated to the driveway corridor).  The proposal includes the removal of up to nine (9) significant trees.

Date Filed:  September 3, 2020

Status:  Under Review

Applicant Statement

Proposed Tentative Map

Historic Report

Tree Inventory and Assessment

18081 Saratoga-Los Gatos Road (see link below)

15184 Elm Park

The proposed project is a request for a Site Development Permit (SS-20-07) for the reconstruction of an existing 2,921 square foot single-story home and approximately 653 square feet of additions and a new front porch.  The proposal includes an increase in plate height from 8 feet to 10 feet, necessitating an increase in the roof height.  The increase in plate height requires structural alterations to existing walls, thus requiring the replacement of existing walls not involved with the additions to be reconstructed.  This project began as a building permit given the limited square footage of additions and the increase in roof height below or at 24” above existing; however, with the removal and reconstruction of the walls, the project now requires a Site Development Permit.

Date Filed:  September 14, 2020

Status:  Hearing Date:  October 7, 2020

15184 Elm Park Plans